Kiwano – How to Eat a Horned Melon

Kiwano – How to Eat a Horned Melon

chef buck here and today we're
going to try Kiwano it's also called a horned melon for obvious reasons this
looks like something from a Star Trek episode and I
think I read that this actually was featured in a Star Trek episode… this is actually semi uncomfortable to touch
this is actually quite prickly and you it's a very hearty fruit…
it lasts a long time the more brightly colored and deeper orange it is the
riper it is we're going to cut it this way I've actually seen some recipes
where you can just cut off the end of it and then use this as a container you
know scoop out the guts and make a drink with it and pour it back in here and
drink out of this I guess it's if you're not interested in preserving your face
but anyway we'll go ahead and give it a cut and see what we got going on here
….so like a cucumber yeah very much like a cucumber it's very
seedy and you can eat these seeds so that way it's like a pomegranate in fact
I don't know how you eat this without eating the seeds are you talking about
there's nothing but seeds exactly so it'd be very hard to avoid
the seeds I'll go ahead and try this here but boy what a mess man this is
just like a very liquidy watery …I don't …I'm not thrilled with the
consistency of this …

Kind of a mild citrus taste
a little Kiwi ish a little lime ish it's definitely a
textural thing if you're into textures you might like this well it would be a
cool container if you're trying to get some festive centerpiece see it's very
watery in here you can use it in a salad dressing you can make a salsa out
of this you can mix it up with some other
ingredients and then the seeds would add a texture
I paid $7.99 if you see this in a grocery store where you live how much did you
pay for that because I paid a lot for dragon fruit you know we've gotten
comments from people all over the world with different prices and boy, the
price of dragon fear of fruit really varies I'm going to eat this whole thing
I prefer this over Kiwi for sure really are you excited are you thrilled? I
thought that you didn't make it that appetizing…

I didn't make it sound that
exciting …it's easy to get out it's more like a
cucumber I do not taste any lime, any citrus…this is like cucumber to me and it does have little globules around the
seed mmmmm globules.. I know it sounds good
so should we spend $7.99 and get another one? I think this is one of those
that we consider an adventure yeah some adventures you don't have to
have again exactly so camera girl is vetoing the $8
cucumber maybe there's another variety with more flavor… depending on which which one you grab on whatever day you might have a different experience I think this would make a
good salsa …you could scoop this out and mix it with some lemon and lime and
some chili peppers and with the seeds and then then serve it …put it in this rind and that would be a very decorative
salsa you know especially in a chip plate or something like that maybe you should try that there you
have it kiwano or horned african melon desert porcupine egg …if you've got an interesting use for it
you can pass that along down below I think I know everything that I need to
know about kiwano its like a cucumber but soggier…
the marketing department for Kiwano will want to speak with you …look how exotic you'll be able to keep your
spare change in there if you see one in the market and
you're curious give it a go it's a little too rich for my blood but
I'm a cheapskate …thanks for watching and I will see you in the future

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