How to make Easy Kimchi (막김치)

How to make Easy Kimchi (막김치)

(Upbeat music) welcome everybody! Today I will make kimchi. (Kimchi cabbage nappa) Cabbage quantity will be 10 lb (4.6 kg) Slicing in half This is a very simple method (Optimistic drums) Notice, it's the size of a bite This is too broad So I'll cut it this way and then I pour water on it Three glasses of water and a mug and a half Of sweet rice flour Keep stirring so as not to burn the bottom of the pot Five minutes after this process We get that kind of intensity Now I will reduce the temperature See the bubble? The bubbles pop out And then three quarters of a cup of sugar Let's taste it Mmmm Good, sweet About one cup of garlic A spoon or two (Optimistic drums) If you are a vegetarian, skip the fish sauce Then add some salt later Mix these up After thirty minutes, let's flip it gently like this In most cases I use this method To quickly cool the porridge We put the pot of porridge in cold water like this And porridge The amount of pepper flakes depends on you I'll use two and a half cups Smell from now is very good The smell of kimchi When you keep it always put it in the refrigerator (freezer) Next, this step is optional I am from a very southern region of Korea That is why we use a lot of raw oysters But sometimes I like squid For this now I will use squid But if you don't like it, skip it because it is optional I used very fresh and salt squid A week ago Wash it off with cold water Until you see no bubbles Very fresh squid.

First you attend And take out all the entrails and clean it Then wash it off Then put it in the box with some salt And mix it with some salt They put the box in the refrigerator for a week A week later it will be ready It is even possible to eat it Note, you can eat these just as they are Delicious We wash it off I will dry it out a little Just mix it with kimchi paste (Kind of onion) = Leek You should clean the interior well I like to use a lot of green onions 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 About three quarters of a mug This is one mug One mug About two mugs Vegetables, green onions and spices And we mix it together (Optimistic drums) So we soak it for an hour and a half But it is as if fresh after it And it has not completely withered away Very fresh Let's mix it with the paste At first you will see sticky kimchi But later after a day there will be water outside So it will You enjoy the kimchi juice I will wash it Wash and drain, wash and drain Three times at least It will be very clean Some people ask me why three times The reason is simple, I just want it clean Right ? Just pour it into the sink Sweet and crunchy And it is not very salty (Optimistic drums) At all times, press kimchi Love her Especially when I'm making kimchi I don't eat anything else Sometimes soup Just horseradish soup It only took 2 hours An hour and a half of steeping This is the only thing Then 30 minutes we did it all You can do it in 2 hours Or two and a half hours Because I work so fast Okay .

Enjoy the recipe See you later goodbye.

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