Fruit Punch “Ponche” | How to Make Traditional Holiday Drink

Fruit Punch “Ponche” | How to Make Traditional Holiday Drink

Hi, everybody! Welcome back to Cocina con Rusbe. Today we're going to share a recipe
for a Mexican holiday drink. I hope you guys enjoy Ponche. [music] The first thing we have to do
is to make the hibiscus tea. To do this, we first have to rinse
our hibiscus flowers. More likely than not, you purchase
the hibiscus at some kind of book section
in the supermarket. By rinsing this,
you wash away any debris or any dust
that could have been there. When your water runs clear, put your hibiscus in a pot, and then add enough water to cover the hibiscus flowers.

We added a little bit extra. Now that we have our water,
let's put on the stove. Now, let's move on to the rest
of our ingredients, get all your ingredients prepped. That means that your apples
have been diced into squares. Peel and cut a pineapple. We're only going to use half
of a pineapple for this recipe.

If you're using large guavas,
you want to cut these into quarters. If you're using smaller guavas,
just halves will do. Now, I just want to talk
about the next ingredients as well. The cinnamon that I am showing you
right now is Ceylon cinnamon and that is the one
that you will find at most Mexican supermarkets. It is also referred
to as true cinnamon. Cassia cinnamon is actually spicier
than Ceylon cinnamon. The easiest way to tell them
apart is basically the softness. This one is the one
that you can break apart easily. We recommend this one,
but if you have the other kind, it will work just as well. The next ingredient
is called Piloncillo. Piloncillo is a raw form
of pure cane sugar. However,
if you don't have Piloncillo, you may add brown sugar instead. How much brown sugar you will need
depends entirely on the ingredients you are able to add to this Ponche. Some of them like the tejocote
in a jar or the sugar cane will add more sweetness,
so you will need to add less sugar. This is tejocote, or what we know
as tejocote in Mexico.

Some other countries
call this manzanilla. In English,
it is known as Mexican Hawthorn. I hope that you guys
have been able to get the jarred rather than the fresh. It adds as a special touch
to the Ponche. You also need sugar cane. Some stores sell sugar cane
already peeled and cut to chunks. Some stores will just sell you
an entire sugar cane. We're also going to use prunes. Hopefully, now you have
all your fruit prepared, so you can follow along. Let's fill a big,
big pot with water. We're going to add a gallon
and a half of water, which is also five and a half liters. Now that we have our water,
let's put on the stove and immediately add
all of the ingredients, except of course the hibiscus,
which hopefully is already boiling.

Add the cinnamon, the chopped apples, the pineapple, the guavas, the prunes, the jar of tejocote with the syrup included, fresh sugar cane, the Piloncillo. Once the hibiscus has boiled
and infused the water with its red, red color, we are going to add it in as well. Cover your Ponche
and let it come to a boil. Let this cook for anywhere
between 45 minutes to an hour. After 45 minutes,
we're going to check our Ponche. Make sure that the sugar is on point and then serve it. There are some regions in Mexico that like to top off their Ponche
with chopped pecans.

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when they come out. [music] For God so loved the world
that He gave His one and only Son, that everyone
who believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life. This is one of the verses
that they teach us when we are very small
and we grow up repeating it thoughtlessly at times, but in it is the heart of God and the mystery
of His love is revealed to us. The character of God
has long been misrepresented. He's seen as a tyrant,
He's seen as an angry God who wants to send sinners
to the fires of hell, but in reality, every day He's doing
His best to reach your heart and to reach my heart, so that we may take hold
of that precious gift He gave us, His own Son, and the life that we can have
if we choose Him.

I hope this new year you can have a new relationship
with God, a God of love, a God who loves you. God bless..

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